The leading Risk Data Aggregation initiative three years in a row

Opensee confirms its leading position as Best Risk Data Aggregation Initiative for the third time.

May 17, 2024
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We’re thrilled to share that Opensee has won the “Best Risk Data Aggregation Initiative” as part of the Inside Market Data & Inside Reference Data Awards 2024 for the third year in a row.

This award confirms Opensee’s position as the  industry leader in risk data aggregation, thanks to our innovative approach combining data management at scale and real-time analytics. Opensee’s platform ensures that data isn’t just available, but actionable. Our ultra-fast aggregation engine enables financial institutions to slice and dice data across any granularity, empowering stakeholders, from quants to traders, to derive specific insights as per their needs.

Risk data aggregation is the central step in the risk data journey, coming after modelisation and before restitution. Opensee addresses the multifaceted challenges in aggregating and analysing vast volumes of disparate data sources.  By harnessing cutting-edge technologies including AI and advanced data analytics, Opensee streamlines the risk data aggregation process, enhances data quality, and provides actionable insights in real-time.

Leveraging a massive parallel processing database, Opensee can aggregate sensitivities on billions of rows or, for example, calculate VaR or liquidity ratios for large portfolios in seconds. Our sophisticated ‘what if’ functionality combined with this ultra-fast data access and aggregation offer unique simulation with on the fly results.

Opensee’s risk data aggregation initiative is focused on improving data quality and data exploration through advanced AI algorithms, integrating a data certification module with a configurable workflow adjustment process. Our data certification module ensures the accuracy of finalised reports and results, providing a comprehensive solution for the entire risk data journey.

Opensee is also recognised by Chartis as a category leader in risk data aggregation. We serve leading banks, hedge funds, and asset managers who have embraced our revolutionary approach to risk management by automating data analysis, providing aggregated views of risk profiles, and enabling real-time insights and decision-making.

The evolution of risk data aggregation is characterised by innovation especially around AI, automation, real-time data, integration, data quality, security, and user-friendliness. These areas are the key focuses at Opensee and will significantly enhance risk management capabilities, empowering financial institutions to navigate the increasingly complex risk landscape effectively and quickly generate business intelligence.

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