Opensee named a Category Leader in three RiskTech Quadrants by Chartis

Learn why Opensee is a category leader in three Chartis RiskTech Quadrants: Risk Data Aggregation, Sell-side Enterprise Risk and Buy-side Enterprise Risk Analytics.

December 8, 2023
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Chartis Research, the leading provider of research and analysis on the global market for risk technology, recently released its Market Risk Solutions, 2023: Market and Vendor Landscape report and has recognized Opensee as a category leader in three RiskTech Quadrants:

  • Risk Data Aggregation Solutions
  • Sell-side Enterprise Risk Solutions
  • Buy-side Enterprise Risk Analytics Solutions

Stephane Rio, Founder and CEO of Opensee, said, “It is an honor to be recognized by Chartis Research as a category leader for our risk solutions amongst (and ahead of) well-established players. This recognition validates our cloud-native approach and game-changing platform that combines Domain-Specific Referential with Real-Time Analytics & Explainability on ever-growing data sets.”

Risk Data Aggregation

Opensee, a leader in Risk Data Aggregation, meets the booming demand with innovative solutions. Opensee’s platform is uniquely designed for risk professionals, simplifying complex data and calculations (VaR, ES, etc.) into a user-friendly format, with ISDA-certified built-in calculator for FRTB-SA.

Opensee disrupts the status quo of data trust issues with AI-powered data quality checks that precede data aggregation, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and reliability. We have successfully deployed our solutions at scale in very large banks, particularly for their FRTB frameworks. Our cloud-native approach offers flexibility and scalability, addressing the current needs of the banking and capital markets sector.

Sell-side Enterprise Risk

As a newcomer in the sell-side enterprise risk solution market, Opensee has rapidly established itself as a leader, recognized for its innovative and comprehensive solutions. Opensee’s platform adeptly integrates data from diverse sources, encompassing core banking systems and risk calculation engines. This integration spans various asset classes, instruments, portfolios, and desks, showcasing our capability to handle complex data ecosystems.

Tailored to the unique needs of financial institutions, Opensee’s solutions range from advanced data management with specialized data engineering expertise to custom-crafted solutions utilizing modern, scalable technology stacks. These offerings facilitate diverse analytics applications, including Asset and Liability Management (ALM), market risk, and trade execution analytics.

Opensee's versatility and adaptability have led to successful deployments across multiple use cases. Our ability to meet the specific needs of different banking institutions, combined with our cutting-edge technology, has quickly earned us a spot as a leader in the sell-side enterprise risk solution space.

Buy-side Enterprise Risk Analytics

As a leader in the buy-side enterprise risk analytics market, Opensee uniquely combines data engineering expertise, honed in the demanding, regulation-heavy sell-side environment with agile, efficient solutions ideal for the buy-side. Our platform stands out for its rapid deployment and time-to-value, a critical factor for demanding users such as portfolio managers and their technical teams.

Our solutions are specifically tailored to facilitate complex analyses across portfolios, offering the depth and sophistication required by buy-side firms without necessitating the large, complex data engineering teams typical of global banks. This streamlined approach not only ensures efficiency but also maintains the high standards of analysis required in the fast-paced buy-side market.

A key differentiator is our focus on enhancing control and autonomy for funds, particularly regarding their sensitive data consumption. Our systems empower buy-side firms with advanced tools and capabilities, enabling them to manage their most critical data with greater independence and precision. This combination of expert data engineering, swift implementation, suitability for complex portfolio analysis, and enhanced data control and autonomy cements Opensee’s position as a frontrunner in the buy-side enterprise risk analytics space.

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