Why Opensee?

Problems we solve

Fragmentated data sets  
Orders, RFQ, executions, axis, financing, market data, etc.

Difficulty sharing activity with the right detail and permissioning to internal/external clients.

Hard to replay execution with other parameters to improve algo and other executions.

No capacity to analyze long trading activity at granular level (ISIN, time series, counterparts...)

Costs too high to manage and analyze huge volumes of fragmented data.

Core benefits

A unified and governed solution for trade analytics

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Access all of your data

Get real-time access to 100% of your data, down to any historical trade level details. With Opensee, there is no compromise on the level of history or granularity.

single data environment

Single data environment

Centralize all of your trade and market data at low infrastructure costs without limitations or compromises on volume, granularity, and performance.

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Empower business users

Empower your business users by giving them the tools to do analytics, calculations, and simulations at any scale.

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Reduce transaction costs

Source liquidity and ensure smooth execution with limited transaction costs. Identify & manage costs effectively for better trading performance & efficiency.

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Achieve best execution

Build a true data strategy that directly impacts and improves your trade execution and portfolio efficiency.

Key features

Powerful tools to model, ingest, adjust, and explain your data in real-time with full autonomy.

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Data Model Service

Build a flexible data model that you can modify, adjust, and audit - on the fly, through low-code API.

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Transactional Data Service

Fail-safe ingestion of data into data model with collaborative versioning and adjustments.

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Data Quality Service

Ensure the consistency and accuracy of your data with our embedded AI Data Quality and Data Exploration tools.

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Aggregation Service

Aggregate and slice & dice all data across any dimension. Create your own user-defined functions in Python.

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Data Access

Access your data using our low-code REST API or Python SDK.

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Data Visualization

Access interactive and and dynamic desktop and web UIs and/or connect to your own dashboards.

"We were among the first to identify the massive potential Opensee's platform offered in taking trade analytics to the next level."

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