ESG risk management

Combine fragmented financial and extra-financial data sets and run complex calculations and simulations on the fly to assess your portfolio sensitivity to ESG data.

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Why Opensee?

Problems we solve

Uncertainty around regulatory requirements that are evolving very fast.

Fragmented data sets around ESG and financial data that are hard to combine.

No capacity for real-time, granular analysis at a fast enough speed.

Lack of integration of ESG into existing frameworks for holistic stress testing.

No custom or complex metrics, especially the ability to perform what-if scenarios.

Poor data quality and inability to assess and validate ESG data quality.

Core benefits

A unified solution to bring ESG risk into your risk framework

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Access all of your data

Get real-time access to 100% of your data. Combine financial and non-financial
data sets for climate stress testing.

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See impact of adjustments

Adjust the quality of external data while getting full traceability regarding a moving target data set and scenario.

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Empower business users

Give users the flexibility to add complex metrics cross data set and create forecasted stress scenarios.

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Cut infrastructure costs

Reduce your infrastructure costs by up to 90% with our platform that is run on any cloud, on-premise, or hybrid cluster.

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Accurate regulatory reporting

Respond faster and more accurately. Ensure compliance with your regulatory and internal compliance requirements.

Key features

Powerful tools to model, ingest, adjust, and explain your data in real-time with full autonomy.

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Data Model Service

Build a flexible data model that you can modify, adjust, and audit - on the fly, through low-code API.

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Transactional Data Service

Fail-safe ingestion of data into data model with collaborative versioning and adjustments.

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Data Quality Service

Ensure the consistency and accuracy of your data with our embedded AI Data Quality and Data Exploration tools.

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Aggregation Service

Aggregate and slice & dice all data across any dimension. Create your own user-defined functions in Python.

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Data Access

Access your data using our low-code REST API or Python SDK.

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Data Visualization

Access interactive and and dynamic desktop and web UIs and/or connect to your own dashboards.

"Opensee brought a cutting-edge solution that combines the transformative use of technology with financial markets business experience. Its tools allow us to access and leverage the most granular level of information and most relevant historical data."

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