Real-time analytics and data management at scale for financial institutions

Discover our low/no code, fast, and reliable platform integrating real-time analytics with data management at scale.

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How it works

Run on any cloud, on-premise, or hybrid cluster, our platform is low/no code, reliable, fast, and scalable.

Build data model and ingest data

We build your data model and ensure fail-safe ingestion in our data store.

Apply data quality checks

We help ensure the consistency and accuracy of your data with our AI-powered Data Quality assistants.

Version and adjust in real-time

Make adjustments, what-ifs, and corrections on the fly and see their impact immediately.

Achieve full explainability

Understand all of your data, prevent risks, and make better and faster decisions.

Why we're different

Despite the dozens of in-memory databases, on-premise and cloud data lakes, and data analytics and visualization tools - data consumption and explainability remained unsolved challenges. Until Opensee.

build data model

Build a flexible data model that you can modify, adjust, and audit - all on the fly.

data quality

Ensure your data is trustworthy and fully auditable.

data management

Resolve underlying data management issues through our natively scalable data store.

explainability icon

Explain all of your data, in real-time, at the right cost, on one platform.

The Opensee Platform

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Use cases

Data Visualization
Data Access

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Opensee Data Platform

Data sources

Who is Opensee for?

Whether you work on the buy or sell side, as a consumer or builder of data, Opensee allows you to manage and explain all of your data on one platform.

business users

For Business users

  • Easily aggregate any volume of fragmented data

    Consume and analyze data on your own terms

    Explain all of your risk data at a controlled cost

it professionals

For Tech and IT users

  • Ensure fast time to market

    Leverage our ready-to-use solutions for many use cases

    Improve performance at a lower cost

Ready-to-use solutions

Fusing financial and technology expertise, Opensee delivers solutions for critical data-intensive use cases.

Ready to own and explain your data?

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