Explainability explained: VaR

Can you explain your VaR, on the fly, at any level?

In this episode, our risk data experts dive into why VaR explainability is a must-have.

Key Highlights:

  • Understanding VaR and Explainability: Importance of explainability in VAR calculations, focusing on understanding underlying components and day-to-day changes.
  • Challenges of Real-Time VaR: Technical difficulties in real-time VaR and need to adjust and recompute VaR instantly.
  • Innovative Solutions: Opensee's platform addresses real-time VaR challenges with scalable, integrated data management and analytics; benefits include embedded calculations, real-time processing, and data versioning for efficient data management.
  • Real-World Impact: Case studies showing significant improvements, such as reducing data aggregation times from hours to seconds and consolidating multiple data environments into one.
  • Broader Applications: Real-time impact analysis beyond VaR, including FRTB, balance sheet analysis, and front-office trading risks.

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