From Operational Data to Golden Data

See a live demo of our transformative approach to managing large-scale multi-risk, cross-asset data.

What you'll learn:

  • Efficient Data Ingestion: See how we load and process 10 million positions with a billion risk measures in under two minutes using a minimalistic infrastructure.
  • Real-Time Data Handling: Discover how real-time data ingestion every 30 seconds can update and maintain performance seamlessly.
  • Concurrent Querying: Experience the robust performance of handling up to 128 concurrent users querying risk and P&L data in sub-second response times.
  • Versioning and Time Travel: Learn how to navigate between different data snapshots effortlessly while preserving full data granularity.

Key highlights:

  • Transition from theoretical concepts to practical, real-world applications.
  • Detailed walkthrough of building and modifying complex data models quickly.
  • Demonstration of a powerful, flexible, and cost-effective data platform.

Download the full webinar now and see for yourself how Opensee can transform your data strategy.

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