Answering local needs within a global business: launching our new US office

Opensee, the leading integrated data management and analytics platform for financial services, has opened an office in New York City.

Xavier Menchez
June 1, 2021
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  • Opensee is opening a third office in the heart of the United States, in New York, to provide financial institutions with self-service big data analytics.
  • Achieving global reach will help us answer local needs with our global solution, and, we are looking for local talent to join our global team.
  • Financial institutions are increasingly relying on data analytics to unlock the potential of their data. We empower them to to manage risk, harness 100% of their data and control costs.

Pushing the boundaries of big data analytics

Opening our new US office is a natural step for Opensee as part of our mission to push the boundaries of self-service big data analytics for financial institutions and provide our clients with the solutions to fully exploit the potential of their data  – wherever they are in the world.

Opensee in the heart of the United States

Our headquarters are in Paris, we also have a London office, and three out of the top eight largest European banks are already using Opensee to tackle their data challenges at scale. All of our clients have a US presence and many of our key executives previously worked in New York, so it was a natural next step to open a third location geographically and base ourselves at the heart of one of the largest global financial centres: the United States.We are excited to be joining the Fintech community at Rise by Barclays, New York in the centre of the Flatiron District. This marks a further milestone in the evolution of our fast-growing fintech company.

Our future ambitions for big data analytics

Our company was created by former bankers and technology experts, frustrated at not being able to find a suitable Big Data analytics solution that enabled us to easily and efficiently manipulate, explore and perform what-if analysis on the hundreds of billions of data we were handling. So we built our own. Our international expansion follows on the heels of our recent strategic repositioning, to extend and build on our capital markets heritage to further help banks, financial institutions, hedge funds and asset managers tackle their data challenges, at scale.

Achieving global reach

Our culture is collaborative and we believe in learning and building together, and this applies to both our US clients and employees, as we answer to local needs as part of global solutions. Our clients have global reach and we must too. I joined Opensee at the start of this year as the US country manager and in addition to our growing global team, I am looking forward to bringing new local talent on board as we start to hire here in NY.

Empowering financial institutions through efficient big data analytics

Unlocking the business value of data at scale has become an acute issue for financial institutions, with many firms having invested significantly in storage solutions that are not fit for purpose, leaving business users without the analytic tools they need to exploit the potential of their data.Our solutions help financial institutions turn their big data challenges into competitive advantages and unlock vital business-user-led opportunities, and there has been a growing demand from our clients and potential clients to be here on site in the US. We have already helped Tier 1 financial institutions manage risk, harness 100% of their data without limitations on size or compromising between performance, volume or cost control and opening a new physical office can only make this process more efficient.

Opensee, and the road to becoming a global big data analytics solution provider

New York is our first big step outside of Europe, and there are more steps to come thanks to a growing global demand to leverage the most recent technology to tackle data challenges at scale. In recent news, Opensee has been awarded the "Best Risk Data Aggregation Initiative" at the Inside Market Data and Inside Reference Data Awards 2022, in New York.

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