Opensee wins Best Sell-Side Credit Risk Product

Learn why Opensee has been named the Best Sell-Side Credit Risk Product from Sell-Side Technology Awards 2024 by WatersTechnology.

April 5, 2024
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Opensee is proud to announce that we’ve been named the Best Sell-Side Credit Risk Product from Sell-Side Technology Awards 2024 by WatersTechnology.

Stéphane Rio, CEO & founder of Opensee, said, “We started our journey on xVA and have been enhancing our offering to be aligned with the new requirements of the credit risk framework. This award validates Opensee's position as a leader in delivering an innovative data platform that serves credit risk management particularly well, empowering financial institutions to navigate all risk management and regulatory challenges with precision and confidence."

By combining data management at scale and real-time analytics in a unified platform, Opensee empowers credit risk managers to aggregate, explore, simulate, analyse, and visualise all of their data. Users can access unprecedented volumes of data, at any level of granularity and history, at speed. Through Monte Carlo simulations run on a large number of scenarios, users can, for example, calculate and precisely understand their Counterparty Credit Risk capital charge.

Opensee’s deep expertise in risk and technology allows a unique understanding of clients’ requirements. Credit risk officers can analyse 100% of their data, performing what-if simulations in typically changing netting sets. Opensee facilitates metric calculations using pre-packaged Python UDF (User Defined Functions) with interactive visualisation. Based on flexible data modelling and comprehensive governance, our parallel processing data store and ultra-fast aggregation engine ensure fast OLAP query response time.

In response to increasingly stringent regulatory requirements since 2008, financial institutions have faced mounting pressure to enhance their risk management systems and analytical capabilities. Opensee addresses these challenges head-on, offering real-time analytics solutions tailored to monitor and calculate capital charges across diverse scenarios. Our platform's unique ability to blend historical trends with granular data provides unparalleled insights for credit risk management and regulatory reporting.

Our platform guides financial institutions through every stage of the risk data chain, addressing key challenges such as storage and aggregation, exploration and transformation, calculation and analysis, and visualisation and reporting. Unlike conventional solutions that offer either rigid data models or overly complex setups, Opensee strikes a balance, providing ready-to-use packaged solutions with pre-configured Python calculators while offering the flexibility to customise calculations and metrics according to clients' specific requirements.

Opensee offers embedded AI tools for Data Quality and Data Exploration which facilitate the analysis and risk data certification. With a user-friendly interface designed for autonomy, Opensee accelerates the credit risk management process, enabling users to perform advanced analytics without relying on technical expertise.

Recent events (stress on US regional banks, Credit Suisse buyout...) underscore the critical importance of effective, on the fly credit risk management in ensuring the stability and success of financial institutions. Opensee stands ready to meet these challenges, offering a solution that prioritises granularity and speed, providing credit risk managers with immediate, data-driven insights.

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