Opensee earns Silver Medal from EcoVadis for sustainability performance

Explore Opensee's achievements and commitments to Environmental, Social, and Governance sustainability.

May 14, 2024
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As part of our commitment to society, our people and the environment, Opensee completed a thorough assessment of its business sustainability practices and commits to do it every year through EcoVadis, the global leader in business sustainability ratings that has rated over 125,000 companies globally.

In our first rating, we earned a Silver medal, placing Opensee in the top 9% of rated companies, an impressive achievement as a first-time applicant.

The EcoVadis assessment validates our sustainability commitments, practices and performance, and offers a clear roadmap for continuous improvement. It includes 21 sustainability criteria across four core themes: 

  • Ethics: business ethics & transparency, information security & data privacy
  • Labor & Human Rights: fair treatment & dignity, equal opportunities & diversity, anti-harassment & anti-bullying, well-being, human rights
  • Sustainable Procurement: responsible suppliers, ESG supply chain
  • Environment: carbon footprint, energy consumption, green cloud, employees awareness

From vision to action: Opensee's ESG roadmap

At Opensee, fostering a culture of ESG principles is our unwavering commitment across every facet of our operations. It’s not just a checkbox, it is reflected in our policies, processes and decision-making frameworks. Our ambition is to uphold the highest standards of integrity and transparency in our interactions with team members, clients and suppliers. We strive to deliver the best product by following industry best practices, and we ensure ethical behavior in all endeavors, aligning with our core values and objectives.

By partnering with Ecovadis, we're rigorously assessing our existing practices while setting ambitious targets for Opensee’s future. This entails the implementation of measurable KPIs.

👉 Check out our full report here.

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