ICA is now Opensee

ICA, the fintech helping financial institutions turn their big data challenges into competitive advantages, announced a strategic rename to Opensee.

March 22, 2021
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Strategic rebrand reflects new targeted direction – enabling a new vision of data for financial institutions – and milestone in company’s growth

ICA, the Paris-based fintech that is helping financial institutions turn their big data challenges into competitive advantages and unlock vital business-user-led opportunities, today announced a strategic rename to “Opensee”.  This announcement marks a significant milestone in the evolution of this fast-growing fintech that has already helped Tier 1 financial institutions harness hundreds of terabytes of data and deliver self-service deep data analytics capabilities designed to readily integrate with financial institutions’ information systems infrastructures.  

This strategic rebrand signals the company’s evolution from an innovative capital markets data analytics platform to its position today as market challenger. Developed from a frustration at not being able to find a suitable Big Data analytics solution that enabled ICA to easily and efficiently manipulate, explore and perform what-if analysis on the hundreds of billions of data it was handling, ICA decided to build its own. So successful has this investment proven, that the rename to “Opensee” marks a strategic repositioning to extend and build on its capital markets heritage to further help banks, financial institutions, hedge funds and asset managers tackle their data challenges, at scale.  

Opensee gives financial institutions’ business users the autonomy to dive deeper into their data, perform any aggregation and more broadly, any analytics on demand (thanks to user-defined functions).  The company’s rapid growth, building a trusted client base across Tier-1 banks, is testament to its success in pushing the boundaries of self-service data analytics for financial institutions. Opensee helps financial institutions harness 100% of their vast quantities of data instantly and interactively on demand, to manage risk more efficiently and proactively and leverage their data to improve execution.

Stephane Rio, Founder and CEO of Opensee commented, “Our new name and identity rebrand signals the next phase of growth for Opensee. We wanted a name that more closely captures our vision on big data and embodies our long-held belief that there is a better way to help business users across financial institutions analyse today’s very large amount of available data deeper and faster. The extensive experience of our team in the financial industry, combined with our cutting-edge technology solutions have seen us establish successful partnerships with Tier-1 banks in an open and collaborative way to build the solution the market was looking for. We are excited to start this new chapter of growth.”

The new visual identity will support communication with a wider audience across the global financial community as the company continues to expand, scale and build on its success. The logo, brand and strapline ‘empowering data divers’ captures the mission objectives.  In addition, the company will launch a new website www.opensee.io as a new central resource for clients with more detail on the Opensee Enterprise Solution.

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