Opensee named best provider for ESG analytics

Learn why our innovative solution for ESG analytics is critical for managing the mounting complexities of ESG data.

May 9, 2024
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Opensee is thrilled to share that we’ve won the Best Analytics Provider for ESG as part of the ESG Insight Awards 2024 by A-Team Group.

Angela Wilbraham, CEO at A-Team Group, and host of the 3rd annual ESG Insight Awards 2024 commented, “Many congratulations to Opensee in winning the Best Analytics Provider for ESG award in the 3rd annual ESG Insight Awards 2024. These prestigious awards recognise both established solution vendors and innovative newcomers providing leading ESG solutions, services and consultancy to capital markets participants. They should be deservedly proud of this accomplishment.”

The escalating complexities in managing ESG data are challenging financial institutions worldwide. This is primarily due to the exponential increase in data sources, coupled with the growing demands for in-depth, real-time analytics. Amidst these challenges, Opensee has emerged as a leading solution for ESG risk data management and analytics.

The ESG Data Challenge

In a very compressed time frame, the financial industry has moved from a lack of data to a myriad of data sources that are often incomplete and inconsistent. Particularly for ESG teams, accessing data and transforming it into actionable intelligence has become increasingly challenging. Regulatory and business frameworks surrounding ESG continue to evolve, further complicating data management and analytics for ESG.

Opensee’s Solution: A Holistic Approach to ESG Data Management & Analytics

With decades of experience in analytics, finance, and sustainability, Opensee  understands the nuances of the financial and ESG regulatory environments, ensuring our clients get cutting-edge solutions tailored to their challenges. We believe that extra-financial regulations and evolving ESG banking frameworks are going to follow the trends we have seen in  financial regulations where granular data has become critical to calculate and understand any regulatory or internal ratios. ESG is the next Big Data problem, as we see a strong desire from various market participants, including regulators, to demand significantly more granular detail than is currently required in any review or analysis. 

ESG analytics must combine financial data with extra-financial data. With Opensee, financial institutions natively get this capacity and gain access to a wealth of knowledge that goes beyond data analysis, providing a holistic perspective on ESG issues and opportunities while keeping the flexibility to adjust to new requirements.

Opensee transforms vast datasets into meaningful insights, allowing business users to easily analyse, aggregate, simulate and calculate, visualise, and, above all,  deep dive into any calculation instantaneously. Our platform gives users the unique ability to combine historical trends with granularity, while keeping the flexibility to create their own analytics on the fly, always leveraging both financial and extra-financial data.

Real-World Application and Impact

Consider the scenario of cross-aggregating mortgage information with physical property risks—a critical aspect of ESG analytics. Opensee enables financial institutions to gain a detailed understanding of credit risks associated with mortgage portfolios and the physical risks tied to properties. This capability is crucial for regulatory compliance and for making informed decisions that align with sustainable business practices.

Why Opensee for ESG Data Management & Analytics

Solve your ESG challenges with Opensee by:

  • Centralizing multi-sourced historical data, with no limitation on volume and performance
  • Combining financial data with ESG datasets, for native calculations such as granular (and not aggregated) physical risks, or for climate stress testing
  • Drilling down on multi-dimensional data sets at the most granular level
  • Adjusting the quality of external data while getting full traceability regarding a moving target data set and scenario
  • Accessing ESG impacts on credit portfolio with provisional business rules, which are not stabilized yet

Opensee is not just solving today’s ESG data challenges; we are paving the way for the future of financial and ESG risk analysis. By providing a robust and flexible platform, Opensee empowers financial institutions to not only meet current regulatory and business demands but also to anticipate and prepare for future challenges. 

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