How Kepler Cheuvreux is unlocking trading intelligence from its data

Learn about the data challenges in analysing trade management & execution and the benefits of the collaboration between Opensee and Kepler Cheuvreux.

Rodrigo Megdenberg
May 24, 2023
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Trade Tech bills itself as the “biggest buy-side equity trading conference” and at April’s event in Paris I was struck by how many of the conversations revolved around unlocking the full business potential from data.    

The event opened with a data innovation day reserved for Buy-side market participants. The opening plenary sessions focused on how financial institutions can gain an information edge from the vast amounts of data they collect. The discussions explored the challenges confronting the trading community, notably in key areas of speed of analysis, improving trade execution, generating alpha in trading, being more agile and lowering costs.  

Trade Tech 2023 was the perfect occasion to catch up with the team at Kepler Cheuvreux, Europe’s largest independent brokerage. The event fell three months after we announced it had chosen our trade management and execution analytics Cloud service. Kepler Cheuvreux was the first client to integrate our public Cloud service into its own KCX trade execution activities and it was showcasing its capabilities at Trade Tech.

Athina Trika of Kepler Cheuvreux’s execution sales team kindly recorded a video with us in which she explained how the brokerage is now able to ingest data from multiple internal and third-party sources, with differing frequencies and volumes. The solution normalises the data and provides users with unlimited access and the tools for independent analysis of trades for more accurate and timely intelligence.  

Athina explained how Kepler Cheuvreux’s legacy systems constrained trade analysis by limiting access to all of the information contained in data silos. With Opensee’s solution, business users at the brokerage now have all of their data at their fingertips for exploring and analysis, she said. Following a period of internal use, Kepler Cheuvreux plans to roll out the solution to its clients so they can assess in real time their trading strategies, analyse trade execution for effectiveness and cost.  

Her remarks resonated because the challenges she outlined are not unique to Kepler Cheuvreux. Indeed, the challenges she highlighted are common across the entire capital markets industry and will only get bigger as market participants - brokerages, the buy-side and sell-side alike - contend with ever increasing volumes of intraday, end of day and historical data as well as alternative and third-party datasets.

Our work with Kepler Cheuvreux demonstrates the power of the Opensee platform in addressing the challenges faced in capital markets and in trade analysis. While we may have started in cash equities, our solutions are asset agnostic and applicable to all other markets.  

Opensee's job is to help financial institutions unlock the business intelligence hidden in their data. In global capital markets we empower businesses to perform predictive and post-trade analysis as well as to monetise their data through accurate and time-sensitive intelligence.

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